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I'm one of those light skinned guys that worked outside under the sun daily.  I worked on the flight line at George AFB, in Victorville CA, Nellis AFB in Las Vegas NV, and Edwards AFB in the Mojave Desert.  The sun took a toll on my skin, because I neglected the use of sun screen or sun protection.  I had several areas of concern on my arms and face.  The medical staff at Edwards AFB could not treat me.  The medical staff at Edwards AFB eventually referred me to a skin care clinic in Palmdale, CA.  And directed me to see Dr. Aram H. Kechichian (Dr. K).  I won't mention that clinics name, because in my opinion if wasn't for Dr. K I wouldn't have continued to go to that clinic.  I wasn't happy with that clinics staff or billing practices.

I can't begin to recall all of the treatments that I've been through with Dr. K, but I can tell you that in every single case I'm 100% satisfied!  About 7 years ago I had a cancerous spot on my face that was the size of a 25 cent coin that was located under my right eye and nose.  Dr. K carefully removed the spot, and all surrounding tissue that was cancerous.  The next step in the treatment was to have a plastic surgeon in Valencia cosmetically stitch me up, and treat the wound.  The plastic surgeon wasn't interested in helping since I wasn't there for his "cosmetic" opportunities.

I went back to Dr. K that afternoon, and Dr. K stitched me up.  WOW!  What an awesome job!  Dr. K's work was perfect!  I have no visible scaring.  I'm telling you I had a huge cancerous spot removed.  Dr. K sewed me back up, and if you look at my face you can't see any scaring.  Now I'm no beauty to begin with, but you have to get up super close to see any visible remnants of a scar.  When I share this story with people and they see the pictures of the surgery, and then the spot that has healed they're amazed.

To this day I still see Dr. K whenever I have a concern with my skin.  When I walk into his office I'm greeted by the friendliest staff.  Dr. K doesn't hesitate to greet me or his other patients with a smile and verbal greeting.  Once you get into the exam room Dr. K will thoroughly exam your concerns.  He'll also engage you in conversation while he's taking a good look at your skin.  He always reminds me that I need to wear sun screen--even at night when I'm sleeping!  I love his jokes.  He's very thorough and doesn't perform anything that isn't necessary.

I can't stress enough how satisfied I am with Dr. K and his staff.  Whether you're in Palmdale, Santa Clarita, or the San Fernando Valley you need to see Dr. K.  You will be happy that you did!

I can't begin to recall all of the treatments that I've been through with Dr. K, but I can tell you that in every single case I'm 100% satisfied!



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